I have been getting quite a few emails lately requesting I provide more frequent updates to my website… um…blog, article, rambling… whatever it is that I do on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Well, to be honest, setting up and importing stuff just twice a week can become quite cumbersome , so I brushed the idea off with a simple, “like I have time for that!”.  Most days, I am going so fast, doing so many different things at once, that it takes concentrated effort to slow down enough to spend time with the computer.  More website construction time seemed a daunting and undesirable task, though I do feel I have a lot more to say to the world, I lack the time to post.

Well, in stepped  my internet guru friend from Arizona.  He suggested simply creating an actual blog that would auto-update on my website.  He told me how I could even blog posts directly from my Blackberry.  The idea intrigues me (especially the not having to open my laptop and use my phone part!!). As my followers on Twitter and Facebook know, I do talk about cooking more than twice a week (I also have complained a good deal about the weather recently, but who hasn’t?).  So, this is my maiden voyage into unknown internet waters.  Let’s see how it works.  Here goes nothing!!


Hello world!

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